Mother Filmed Viciously Beating Woman In Parking Lot —Tells Kids ‘Respect Your Elders’ When They Ask Mom To Stop

The commentary in this video’s so cliché for a few fleeting seconds I almost thought it was a ‘Key & Peele’ sketch, then it dawned on me: nope, this is just a Long Island mother viciously attacking another woman in front of her husband and children. When the children ask their mother to stop mama responds with “respect your elders”, and her husband is heard egging his wife on by saying “My wife is gonna beat her ass! Yeah baby, bust her face.” Literally the ONLY redeeming thing about this video is the fact that it didn’t take place in Florida, which is where I automatically assumed it took place before doing a little research. I’ve got 5 Schrute Bucks to anyone that can count the number of times ‘WORLDSTAR’ was yelled in this video.

According to the YouTube video description, police are still looking for the mother who allegedly attacked the victim in the video after a spat stemming from a parking spot dispute. The attacker reportedly tried to park in a space only to find someone standing in it, found another parking spot, but then got into the altercation after walking past and hurling insults at the person saving the parking spot.

This is truly VICIOUS footage, and I’m going to be honest with you and admit that it was pretty hard for me to watch from beginning to end. That victim looked like she was in dire need of medical attention, and the attacker had zero remorse about beating another human being into a pulp all while her children and husband watched on. Disgusting.

6ABC reports:

Somehow how, some way, this brawl between two women started because of an argument over a parking space.
One woman was trying to park in an empty spot, but a man was standing in it, holding it for someone else.
She parked in another spot, then got into an argument about what happened. That’s when the punches and hair pulling started.
Nassau County police confirm there was a fight over a parking spot at the Green Acres mall Sunday afternoon.
This video later surfaced, and now investigators are trying to confirm if it’s the same thing.
Police say the woman who was thrown to the ground suffered minor injuries to her face but refused medical attention.