Long Island Man Accused Of Wanting To Join ISIS And Threatening To Behead His Mother

by 2 years ago

Elvis Redzepagic was arrested at his family’s home in Long Island, New York on Friday after he made terrorist threats even against his own mother. Authorities intercepted several of Redzepagic’s messages on Facebook that praised ISIS. When he was arrested, Redzepagic reportedly told one of the arresting officers, “I really feel like stabbing you right now,” prosecutors said. Redzepagic was ordered held without bail on Monday after he was charged with attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State.

“Redzepagic, a U.S. citizen living in Long Island, made multiple attempts to join ISIS or al-Nusrah Front in Syria where he wanted to engage in violent jihad, which could have resulted in the death of countless individuals” said Special Agent in Charge, Angel Melendez of Homeland Security Investigation. “This arrest underscores the importance of cooperation between law enforcement agencies across the globe in identifying and bringing these extremists to justice before they are able to commit terrorist attacks.”

Redzepagic told authorities that a trip to Montenegro made him want to become a martyr and “die for the sake of Allah.” Redzepagic is originally from Montenegro, in the Balkans, prosecutors said.

From CBS New York:

In October 2015, Redzepagic allegedly made several inflammatory posts to social media, explaining that “jihad” is when you “fight for the sake of God” and “die for the sake of Allah,” adding that he traveled to Turkey to “perform Jihad and join Jabhat Al-Nusra.” In subsequent interviews with law enforcement officials, he allegedly admitted that he was prepared to strap a bomb to himself when he attempted to enter Syria from Turkey.

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