New Hampshire Brewery Sets Lobster Roll World Record With 159-Foot Sandwich Of Your Dreams

The British Beer Company in Portsmouth, NH has set a new world record for ‘longest lobster roll’ after creating this 159-foot sandwich last weekend. They smashed the previous record for longest lobster roll by over 30 feet, and this glorious lobster roll took around 200-pounds of lump lobster meat to prepare.

If you are turned off by mayonnaise this next stat might disturb you: four GALLONS of mayonnaise was used in the making of this sandwich. Additionally, 10-pounds of celery went into the making of this world record lobster roll.

This is a world record that seems to fall at least once a Summer. The previous record was set last August by Prince Edward Island Fishermen’s Association (in Canada, obviously) and has already been broken within the span of a year. It’s nice to know that the lobster roll world record has come home to American soil, but, yesterday was the first day of Summer. There are plenty of weeks/months ahead of competing lobster shacks to plan their own lobster roll world record attempt before the season ends.

After this lobster roll was certified as the new world record sandwich the restaurant donated over 48-pound of this glorious lobster creation to charity. This world record lobster roll was later broken out into individual servings, and all of the proceeds from those lobster rolls were donated to a charity that benefits U.S. military veterans.

Some would claim that the lobster roll is the best sandwich, I’d say it’s top 3 for sure. If you are looking for a great lobster roll recipe for the Summer you should start with this recipe from Luke’s Lobster because it’s goddamn amazing.

Luke’s Lobster Lobster Roll Recipe:

( Serves 4 )
5 pound live Maine lobster (yields 1 lb. of lobster meat)
4 whole Top-split New England-style hot dog buns
2 tablespoon mayonnaise
1/2 pound butter (unsalted)
1 whole lemon
3 pinch celery salt
3 pinch oregano
3 pinch black pepper

Step 1: Steam the 5 pounds of lobster for 10-12 minutes, then pick lobster meat (should yield 1 pound of lobster meat).
Step 2: Use top-split New England-style hot dog buns — butter sides of 4 rolls and grill until golden brown.
Step 3: Line inside of hot dog bun with some mayonnaise.
Step 4: Add 1/4 pound of prepared lobster meat, then drizzle a little melted butter on top of lobster.
Step 5: Sprinkle a pinch of celery salt, pinch of oregano, and pinch of black pepper on top of lobster.
Squeeze a little fresh lemon over the lobster roll. Serve.

Dammit, now I want a lobster roll for lunch. Who’s coming with me?

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