Tasmanian Police Go Full ‘Arrested Development’ On Facebook After Finding A MASSIVE Loose Seal

One of the most popular running jokes on Arrested Development was the ‘loose seal’.

Devotees will remember that in S02E11 of Arrested Development the youngest of the Bluth kids, Buster Bluth, lost his hand after it was bitten off by a loose seal. Buster came in contact with the loose seal, which we later find out was owned by Gob’s temporary wife, after defiantly going swimming in the ocean to piss off his mother Lucille and prove that he’s capable of doing anything. Towards the end of the episode, prior to Baby Buster losing his hand, we see Lucille Bluth praying to the man above to stop her baby son from being deployed to Iraq, and shortly thereafter it’s the loose seal that bites his hand off.

It’s endless Lucille-Loose Seal wordplay, and one that Arrested Development fans dearly loved, myself included. It’s also a running joke that Tasmanian police officers kept alive on Sunday when they encountered the biggest fucking seal I’ve ever seen in my life:

Here’s the Facebook caption: **Update** After a sealiously big morning, "Mr Lou-Seal" (as nicknamed by Tasmania Police) is now a sealebrity and has been collected from Penquite Road, Newstead, by Parks & Wildlife officers.
After a medical check-up he will be released.
Tasmania Police thank the public for staying at a safe distance.

If your memory of Arrested Development isn’t super fresh you can find the ‘Lucille-Loose Seal’ wordplay here (via HappyPlace):