This Woman Lost A Five Inch Sex Toy Up Her Vagina For TEN YEARS Because She ‘Forgot’ It Was There

Look. I know you read the title and your first thought was probably “Oh yeah, she lost it, for sure it was an ‘accident,” and I agreed with you…for a minute. But 10 years? Seriously? To put that in perspective, that’s longer than World War II, Kim Kardashian’s first marriage, and the length of time that frickin’ song “What Does The Fox Say” was popular, all put together. That song was fucking everywhere guys, I heard it on repeat for what seemed like years.

Annndd now it’s in my head again. But back to the story.

” The 38-year-old woman arrived at hospital complaining of severe weight loss, shaking and lethargy.
She had also experienced mild incontinence for ‘a few weeks’.
On further examination, doctors were shocked to discover a strange foreign body protruding into her bladder from her vagina.
Surgical removal of the item at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary revealed it to be a five inch (11cm)-long sex toy.
Medical staff were even more taken back when the woman revealed she had used the sex toy with her partner ten years ago.”

“She also admitted she was under the influence of alcohol at the time – and claimed she couldn’t remember removing it or not.
The woman had a normal IQ, no signs of depression or psychosis and had not been subject to any abuse, according to the case report.”

Normal IQ…as far as I’m aware, “normal” is anything above Forrest Gump, which isn’t saying much. Stupid is as stupid does. According to doctors,

” One doctor at the hospital, who was not willing to comment on the patient’s specific case, confirmed it was highly unusual for such a large foreign object to go unnoticed in the majority of instances – by patients or their partners.”

Via Daily Mail

Okay guys, ready? All together now….

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