This Louisiana Cop Is Making Crime Stoppers Videos And Mocking The Criminals He’s About To Bring To Justice

His name is Lt. Higgins, he is a police officer in St. Landry Parish, Louisiana and his videos are INCREDIBLE. Every time he opens his mouth, you can tell he’s going to talk about some worthless piece of human debris. And he’s going to say some outstanding shit. “Recognize him by his blackened soul. He’s a career criminal. A thief… You’ve past a point of no return… You shall lick the dust like a serpent, like the crawling things of the earth. You shall come trembling, turning dread and you shall live in fear. The cash you stole is gone, invested in the final demise of your humanity… Your days are numbered and you know it, because even though your pockets were briefly filled, your soul is eternally empty.”

Fuck. This guy is a cowboy. I love it. I almost want to head on down to St. Landry Parish and commit a reasonably small crime just so he can make a video about me. “Look at this good for nothing dead beat. This parasite. This cancer. Take a good look, because last Sunday, he burglarized the Sack-O-Suds convenience store, taking hundreds of dollars from the register and robbing the Cavanaugh family of their livelihood. The Cavanaugh’s are good folk. A part of the St. Landry Parish for over 40 years. I’ve patronized their convenience store many times and I will once again, on the day I wipe this cancer from society. He is the disease and I am the cure. Also, it bears mentioning that his gait is that of a man with a minuscule penis. Turn yourself in, turd dick. It’s time for your comeuppance.”

Suffice it to say, Lt. Higgins is my new hero. Salt of the earth dude who hates scum and doesn’t mince words.

Here are a few more of his best videos.

Here is a interview with Lt. Higgens