Guy Completely Overreacts After Friend Pays For His Lunch And Now One Of Them Is Dead

gun on plate


I’ve been out to meals where the arguing over the check gets slightly out of hand but I’ve never seen it elevate as quickly as this lunch in Istanbul.

İdris Alakuş argued with his friend, Hasan Erdemir, over a lunch bill. Erdemir paid the tab and his buddy, Alakus, left the restaurant enraged. He returned a few minutes later with a gun and just started shooting like this is the wild west. (Istanbul could be the wild west, I’ve never been, and now I’m NEVER going.)

Alakuş shot Erdemir first then opened fire on other people at the table. The friends escaped with non-life threatening injuries but Erdemir died on the spot. Alakus made a run for it but the police eventually caught up to him.

All of this over a bowl of soup. New rule — just let friends pay from now on. Always. It’s not worth losing a life over a bowl of mulligatawny.

[via Daily Sabah]