Lupe Fiasco Just Beat The World’s Best ‘Street Fighter’ Gaming Pro

Lupe Fiasco is a silver-tongued, master lyric-spittin, button-mashing turned ‘Street Fighter’ king. Fiasco takes down the ‘god of 2D fighting games’ Daigo Umehera in the recent released ‘Street Fighter V,’ in a best three outta’ five throw down, as the announcers put on some WWE-level commentary–good thing or bad thing?

So to be crystal clear, blunt as possible: a non-tournament player rapper, wins against a weathered tournament street fighter veteran. Holy hell is right. To be sure we’ve gotta’ consider a few massive contributing factors here for why, or how rather, Fiasco took home the W.

The match between these two gamers was announced over a month ago, which gave Fiasco more than enough time to prep himself for the fight of his life. Plus this game just came out, and that left the two players on paralleled playing fields, in terms of navigating the ins ‘n outs of a brand new video game. Granted, Umehera’s a goddamn legendary tournament professional, but still.

My best guess at this point is that Umhera was having a straight-up crippling stroke as he threw the game till round five, when he was planning for the glorified comeback; but it ended up being too late.