Lyft Driver Loses It, And Refuses To Drop Off His Enraged Passenger In This Video

This one’s coming outta left field for me guys, because in all honesty I’ve had nothing but the best of experiences with Lyft. The rideshare service is clutch city, and especially on the weekends when you’re trying to get around amidst getting sauced. Here though we’ve an example of the downfalls of a company that thrives on its ability to provide maximal supply (drivers) to whatever, however big the demand is on a given night. Sometimes the loonies just slip through the cracks, and breakdowns–like the silently expressed rage mode we see in this video–will happen now and again.

I can see where the lady, Desiree Taylor of Washington, D.C. is coming from in regards to being pissed as fuck at her driver for not taking her home; but she manages to put on a grade A bitchfest for commentary in this video. “Are you seriuuuus?”

NBC Washington managed to get a quote from the driver in this video, about why he didn’t just stop and let the clearly enraged Taylor off:

“Because she had the door open, and we were near parked cars,” the driver said. “I didn’t want to damage my car, so I pulled to a safe location.”

With that kind of logic, if you will, you could reason with the guy; but the video speaks to a higher truth, that being that the guy just kind of lost it and took his passenger on a fucking hellish joy ride away from her destination.

Lyft spokeswoman Alexandra Lamanna issued a statement in regards to the whole matter as well:

“We are extremely troubled to learn about this incident. We have a strict zero-tolerance police and any behavior threatening the safety of a Lyft community member is not tolerated. The driver’s conduct was absolutely unacceptable, and his access to Lyft has been permanently removed.”

[H/T: wtop]