Remember The ‘Macarena’ From The 90’s? Translate The Lyrics And It’s WAY Dirtier Than 8-Year-Old You Ever Imagined

Oh the 90’s, aka the goold ol’ days depending on how old you were. I was in elementary school, meaning I barely had homework when I went home and got to play Nintendo 64 until my mom made spaghetti. Ideal life right there.

Actually that’s a lie – apparently I was living a life of lies because THE MACARENA IS ABOUT SOME CHICK CHEATING ON HER BOYFRIEND WITH 2 DUDES. Depending on you as a person that scenario’s hot, shitty, or both.

Either way, people probably shouldn’t have been playing this at weddings…or during elementary school dances…or anywhere within earshot of stupid little children like myself. Good thing it was in Spanish.

[H/T Distractify]