Good News, Guys! Men’s Fashion Magazine Says The Skinny Jeans Fad Is OVER

I finally caved after years and switched to a more tapered cut of pants. Skinny jeans. It hurts to just say it. It was a big deal. And while I like the feeling that comes from looking ‘hip,’ there are enough annoyances that I have to say I’m not a fan.

Pulling up socks is a bitch, since there’s no room in the leg to maneuver. Sitting down sometimes sucks, and I’ve had to switch to boxer briefs because the bunching up of boxers, especially in the hot, sweaty summer months, was just plain nasty. Plus, you could see the hem of the boxers because the pants were so tight.

(I do like boxer briefs now.)

So, man, was I excited to hear that skinny jeans are on the way out (save for now owning some and having no clue what to do with them).

From Esquire:

Skinny jeans had their moment, and that moment has passed, taking with it one thousand ironic haircuts and cheap cotton cardigans. Don’t worry: the greater trend of “slim” is not out of style just yet, but it, too, is on the wane. But those skinny jeans, the girlfriend jeans, the ones so tight you don’t know where to put your wallet, cell phone, and keys jeans, those are done. Dead. Kiss ’em goodbye. Or hold onto them for 20 years when they’ll come back on trend.

The next pair of jeans you buy should be straight leg. Take this advice carefully. When we say straight, we do not mean baggy or sagging. Nor reminiscent of a ’90s skater with a Hurley shirt and Sublime lyrics Sharpie’d onto the side of his Vans. We mean just a tad more comfortable than the pair you’ve been wearing these past five years.

Guys. The struggle is over. And we won! Death to all hipsters. I do mean literally.

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