UPDATE: Explosion Rocks 23rd Street And 7th Avenue In Manhattan, Authorities Issue Emergency Response

Some pretty scary news out of Manhattan, where NYPD and FDNY are responding to a explosion on 23rd street and 7th Avenue in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood. There’s not a lot of confirmed information as of yet, but a major emergency response in the area has been issued by New York City’s emergency services Via the NYPD Comms team.


Yes, this is all a little scary. But the news above is a *bit* of a sigh of relief. I live in Manhattan about a mile east of incident and no one in NYC is panicking. So you shouldn’t either right now. In fact, I’m about to go eat pizza and go to the bar for a perfectly normal Saturday night.


Again, remember that none of the information about the origins of the explosion are confirmed. That said, this is a very crowded area in the Chelsea neighborhood. If you’re in NYC, please stay safe.

This is still unconfirmed from an unofficial police scanner account:

Also via the NY Post:

From the scene:


And, a little levity that’s so New York it hurts.

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