Man Takes $30,000 In Cash To ‘Make It Rain’ On The Homeless, Might Be The Best Viral Video Of 2016

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All of you know the ‘leprechaun video’ I’m referring to, but if your memory’s a little fuzzy on it I’ve included the video below. To make a long story short, the ‘leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama’ news clip is considered to be one of the greatest viral videos of all time, and thus it’s extremely high praise when a video is compared to it.

Here’s that clip again on Twitter if the Streamable link above wasn’t working for you:

The clip above is from a news segment in Philadelphia about a man from Atlanta who took $30,000 that would normally be spent at the strip club to ‘make it rain’ and instead of tucking those dollars bills in the buttholes of strippers he threw that money at homeless people, which has turned out to be a controversial decision on his part. People are questioning why he didn’t just hand the money to the homeless instead of making it rain on them, a move that some has interpreted as demeaning. And if you watch the clip you’ll see that the gentleman has a very clear answer for his decision to make it rain.

Now, here’s that leprechaun in Mobile, Alabama video I promised:

…Huge shout out to Matt Birl for sending us this video!…

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