Police Set Up Photo Shoot To Arrest Male Model For Being Really, Really Ridiculously Good-Looking Criminal

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I don’t know any legit mens models and I’m pretty sure I’m OK with that. I imagine they all act Zoolander cliches, with really obnoxious opinions on fashion and dieting and shit. I imagine conversations with men’s models going like this:

“Hey, Daniel, want to go to the bar to catch the hockey game?”

“Ehhh, sorry Brandon — I’m on a strict artisan coconut water and kale diet right now. Just being in the same room as chicken wing grease might cause me to absorb the calories into my skin. Can’t have that before the Topman fall look-book shoot.”



My point is that models — while physical specimens of perfect DNA and finely manicured body image — are obnoxious and vain as fuck. That’s what makes this story so perfect.

A 30-year-old model who was formerly a gangster was busted when cops in the U.K. staged a photo shoot, reports the Telegraph. He showed up to have his picture taken after receiving a call from a talent scout that was actually the police and authorities slapped him in bracelets.

Ben Fiberesima aka Roky Million had a pretty impressive modeling resume, working for Calvin Klein, Nike, Tom Ford, and Yves Saint Laurent. He was also a self-published author who wrote books about how he amassed a personal worth of “seven figures by the age of 26,” according to the Telegraph. The paper notes that he helped “317 readers have become millionaires after reading his inspirational prose.” On Twitter, he has 155,000 followers and claims to be a “11x UK Battle Rap Champion, Arsenal Fanatic, nightclubs, Rapper, International High Fashion Top Model, Entrepreneur,Actor, Boss(what I write=entertainment).”

I’m sure his diet consisted mostly of…



As you can tell, Roky Million seems quite into himself. He is also into illegally possessing weapons in the U.K., which is a big no-no. Via the Telegraph:

He was convicted for two counts of theft, two counts of making a false representation and possessing an offensive weapon earlier this month.

As well as the trial charges he was supposed to face it trial he pleaded guilty to three counts of making false representation and one count of possessing a prohibited weapon.

Fiberesima was first arrested in September 2008 after police were called by him claiming burglars were trying to break into his flat in Brondesbury, north-west London.

On arrival there was no sign of a break-in but officers discovered stolen chequebooks belonging to a neighbour, a stun gun and a can of CS gas.

He was arrested and ordered to appear at court on theft, fraud and offensive weapon charges, but skipped bail and fled the country.

The authorities are quite proud of their tactics for bagging the gangster-turned-model:

Detective Inspector Pete Wallis of Brent CID said: “There is clear message here, that we will not forget you if you offend, and we will explore all options in tracing you and bringing you to justice.

“Mr Fiberesima used false identities to evade capture for five years and developed a very public persona in Australia and internationally as a rap artist and model.

“Thankfully he is now paying for his crimes, due to the perseverance of Brent’s Wanted Offenders Unit.”

Time for some self-reflection, Bro.



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