Man Lives with 8-Month-Long Erection, Decides to Do Something About It

According to the boner beat at NBC Philadelphia, the mess started when a 44-year-old truck driver named Daniel Metzgar received an inflatable prosthesis from Wilmington urologist Dr. Thomas Desperito. Metzgar chose the inflatable option because a replacement prosthesis had not given him “the same level of sensation.” 

Something went wrong. And Metzgar stood at attention for EIGHT MONTHS STRAIGHT. Finally, after an “Okay, this isn't fun anymore” moment, he went to a hospital, presumably winked a few times, and was told he was four months late for a removable procedure. Metzgar is now suing Desperito. Says NBC:

The News Journal of Wilmington reports that Desperito's attorney, Colleen Shields, says the doctor told Metzgar the prosthesis had to be removed four months after the surgery. She said Metzgar didn't do anything for months after that visit.


What a hard problem, he got boned by the doc, the doctor faces a stiff penalty, etc. etc.

[H/T: NBC; Pitched tent image via Shutterstock]