Man Admits To Burning Down Home During News Interview, As House Crumbles In Background, And The Cop’s Reaction Says It All

Typically, a guy setting a house on fire would be 100% un-bro but, in this case, an argument could be made for “Carlos” in this particular instance.

Police, fire and rescue were at the scene of a house fire, along with the local news. A man was hanging around, watching the joint burn, so the reporter asked him if he knew who set the blaze. Yup, he knew.

“Carlos” has reported the terrible living conditions in the house and wanted to bring attention to the issue. Carlos¬†even got specific and described exactly how he set the blaze and I think my favorite part was “and then I went to get a drink” because he says it like it’s the normal move after arson. “Oh, you know, committed arson and then grabbed a cold Budweiser.”

And then the balls on Carlos to walk over to the cops and say “I did it.”

The cops reaction and “you did this?” face was so good I had to GIF it.

Classic Carlos. But was it bro or not bro?

H/T Total Frat Move

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