Man On The Street Asks Strangers If They Watch Porn And Some Of These People Are Lying

by 3 years ago
do you watch porn

YouTube - SimpleSexyStupid

The crazy kids over at SimpleSexyStupid went out on the street and asked people a very simple question, “Do you watch porn?”

Naturally, there were a few folks who didn’t appear to be very comfortable answering that question. Which was obviously the point and therefore the best parts of the video. But others, well, they were totally into it.

A couple of my favorite responses were, “Of course, doesn’t everybody?” and “I don’t need it.”

One guy was all about watching it, “All men watch porn. If you’re a real man you watch porn.”

I like that guy.

A couple of women even admitted to doing porn, giving out the titles of their, uh, films.

Watch and see if you can pick out which people were fibbing though.

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