Man Attacked By A Knife-Wielding Clown Has Hand Slashed ‘Down To The Bone,’ Is Now Classified As ‘Disabled’



I have such a rich and storied hatred for clowns. This creepy clown epidemic, which is currently sweeping the U.S. and the U.K., is not helping to turn that hate into love. Hearing this story of Simon Chinery, a 28-year-old father and woodworker in Blackburn, Lancashire, being attached is just adding fuel to my FUCK CLOWNS fire.

Chinery was using an ATM when he was approached and attacked. Thing is, the clown didn’t actually stab him. Chinery became scarred and his survival instincts kicked in. Instead of allowing the clown to stab him, Chinery grabbed the knife, by the blade, in an effort to save his own life. He told the Daily Mail that doing so caused the fingers on his right hand to explode and that the knife cut him down to the bone.

Chinery also told the Daily Mail that, “I had never been so petrified in all my life. It has left me feeling sick to the bottom of my stomach – it was literally something from a horror movie.” He continued saying, “People behaving like this really need to stop – I have been having nightmares and the pain is unreal.”

Uh…yeah. Pretty sure I wouldn’t stop having nightmares until that Clown is dead by my hands.

As if this attack could possibly get worse for Chinery, on top of the pain and nightmares, he can no longer practice his woodworking profession and is classified as disabled.

Hopefully they catch and castrate the piece of shit who did this to him.

[H/T Daily Mail]