Man With Baby Tries to Sell Pot to Uniformed Police Officer


There are stupid criminals, and then there is Terandell Curlee Coleman.

A Florida police officer was in an unmarked car when Coleman approached him while holding a two-month old baby and began “using slang words indicating he was attempting to sell narcotics.” The officer, who was in uniform, probably couldn’t believe his luck.

When [Lt. John] Deegins showed interest, Coleman “parked the stroller” next to a vehicle about 15 to 20 feet away.

As detailed in a probable cause affidavit, Coleman offered to sell Deegins $25 worth of “bud” and “displayed a small clear plastic package containing a green leafy substance appearing to be cannabis.” Coleman was then arrested for possession with intent to sell the 1.4 grams of marijuana, a misdemeanor.

He was also charged with felony child neglect.

Let this be a reminder. If you are unsure of whether or not the person you are selling drugs to is a cop, look to see if they are wearing a police officer’s uniform. That’s usually a dead giveaway.

[Image via The Smoking Gun]