Man Catches Couple Having Sex On His Dash Cam, Creates Funny Video Complete With ‘Yakety Sax’ Soundtrack

man catches couple sex dash cam


As the person who posted the video states, “This is what having a dashcam is all about.”

And he ain’t lying. Dash cam videos have produced some of the best videos we’ve ever seen since they came into existence.

In this instance a man was driving through what appears to be come sort of parking area or alley when he comes upon a couple, who thought they were alone, going at it right there in public.

Like two deers caught in headlights they stare in shock as the man drives by and, of course, honks at them.

Naturally, rather than continue on his journey he turns around and goes by a second time cackling at them as he checks in on them a second time.

The kicker, of course, is the fact that he took this video and added a sweet soundtrack complete with “Yakety Sax” because every video is always made better with a little “Yakety Sax” added, right? Right.

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H/T Unilad