Man In Christmas Spirit Brings Crack To Hospitalized Friend, Sets Hospital On Fire Smoking It

Crestview Police Department

Lee Vern Cook, shown above, sounds like a decent guy. The kind of guy who on Christmas Eve would visit a friend stuck in the hospital. Even cheer him up with a present.

Unfortunately for Cook, that present he brought was illegal crack cocaine, and his friend was hooked to an oxygen tank. When they tried to smoke it, a fire broke out. From the Northwest Florida Daily News, because where else would this take place?

A 54-year-old man was arrested on Christmas Eve after allegedly taking “crack cocaine” into the Intensive Care Unit at North Okaloosa Medical Center to share with a patient there.

A fire broke out at 3:43 p.m. when the patient, who was on oxygen, tried to smoke the cocaine from a homemade smoking device, according to a media release from Crestview Police Department.

The only property damage was to the bed linen, hospital gown and oxygen mask, the release said.

Cook also had a loaded handgun on him, because ya of course. He was arrested on a multitude of charges, which is bullshit, because how can you prosecute someone for kindness?