Guess What Happens When You Chug a Bottle of Whiskey In Under 5 Minutes? Just Guess

by 4 years ago

Chugging Whiskey

A man from Nepal made a bet with friend that he could chug an entire bottle of whiskey. At stake? A huge sum of $7.75 —the price of the bottle of booze.

He chugged it. He died three weeks later because of it. It probably wasn’t worth the eight bucks.

“Pancharam Bishwokarma, owner of a gold shop in the town of Gopeta, agreed to drain a 750 milliliter bottle of Royal Stag on January 16 if his friend paid the $7.75 bill. Bishwokarma then left for home that afternoon. But by 8 p.m., he was vomiting. ‘He could not sleep and was rushed to a local hospital,’ said local police officer Sanjeev Khadka.”

To make matters worse, the guy kept moving from hospital to hospital for treatment. He wasn’t wandering around drunk or anything he just kept getting transferred.

“We found that he had consumed the concentrated alcohol, which was 42 percent, without any food, finishing it in five minutes. It damaged his vital organs,” said Dr. Pashupati Chaudhary, a doctor at the second hospital.

Sad story but let’s not forget the fact HE OWNED A GOLD SHOP and still made $8 bets.

Live and learn. Wait, no…die and learn.

[via Fox News]


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