Some Dude’s Excuse For NOT Flashing Ladies Is A Tiny Bit Ridiculous (Emphasis On Tiny)



You know the old saying, “a grower not a shower?” Well, it turns out that some British dude named Hinton Sheryn seems to live by that motto.

Sheryn, who’s a 68-year-old man and serial flasher, denied any wrongdoing after his excuse to the courts was absolutely insane, claiming that his schlong was so tiny that he would never show it in public.

While that’s hilarious, the way in which the courts found it to be untrue was even funnier.

Finding a prostitute who the dirty old man used to fancy, the lady described the guy’s johnson as being, “normal size,” allowing the court to convict Sheryn.

According to a Mirror.UK article, Hinton Sheryn had quite the reputation, earning himself the nickname as “the flasher.”

“The former pop promoter was so notorious for exposing himself in the village near Plymouth, Devon, where he lived in the 1970s and 1980s he was known as ‘the flasher’.

He regularly exposed himself in the street, usually performing an indecent act, and one villager reportedly threatened to cut off his penis if he continued his lewd behaviour.”

Rather than the court buy the excuse of Sheryn’s weeny being “a small one,” the prostitute finally did him in, saying, per Mirror.UK:

“He did not care about the destruction he has caused along the way. He can have no shame. He must have thought he was above the law or that no one would ever dare speak out.”

Way to go, Hinton, you and your small cock will be in jail for the next 17 years after being convicted of 18 perverted crimes.

[H/T Mirror.UK]