Rainforest Activist Tries To Eat Live Tarantula While Holding A Snake And His Face Will Never Be The Same Again

I guess this is how you protest rainforest deforestation down in the Amazon? By wrapping chains all over your body like someone who’s into S&M, wrangling up some snakes (I’m not sure if those are boa constrictors or anacondas, I think they’re boas though), and then when you find a live tarantula on one of your snakes you attempt to eat it whole.

By no means am I a tarantula eating expert. I’ve only ever eaten one tarantula in my life and it wasn’t alive, it was cooked at The Explorer’s Club in Manhattan’s Upper East Side and it was handed to me on a stick from this dude:

If those tarantulas were alive, and if they were crawling up the spine of a very large and probably snake, AND if I was wrapped up in chains like some sort of gimp I MOST DEFINITELY would not try and eat that tarantula. Maybe I just don’t have what it takes to be a great Amazonian Rainforest activist….not if it includes this:

Helllll NO.

…(h/t TheLadBible

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