Man Attempts To Fight Really, Really Old Man, But Onlookers Jump In And Kick His Ass Instead

I don’t understand why someone would get this angry at an elderly person. They’re old. They can’t do shit to you. The worst that they can do to you is pollute the air with Metamucil farts and talk your ear off by telling you the story of how their grandchild learned how to tie their shoes.

The elderly man in this video is like really, really old. Like “I ate toenails to survive the Great Depression” old. He’s so old that he has a cane for Christ’s sake. The extremely enraged man on the bus doesn’t give a care that the old man is decrepit, he’s going to start shit with him.

The angry man screams at the old codger, and gets in his face. Why are you trying to intimidate an ancient human being who has one foot in heaven? Like he could die any day now.

When the old man gets up from his seat to confront the thug, they exchange blows and probably broke 13 bones in the old man’s decomposing body. Thankfully a good Samaritan immediately jumps into the fracas and smashes the tough guy who fights 90-year-olds. Other onlookers then join in to teach the instigator to pick on people from his own generation.

One person missing from the melee was the police officer that bordered the bus at the 40-second mark. They were just sitting in the back like, “Fuck this shit, I’m off-duty.”

Lesson learned: respect your elders or respect the fist of three other guys that do respect their elders.