Man Gets Off Easy After Filming Himself Ejaculating In Coworker’s Coffee For YEARS

When some men have a work crush they attempt to woo their coworker by bringing them a cronut for breakfast or giving them flowers. Then there are some sick freaks who jizz in their coworker’s coffee. The disgusting creampie coffee act has happened before, first there was John R. Lind and now there is Douglas Whaley from Canada.

OVER THE COURSE OF SEVERAL YEARS, Whaley snuck into his coworker’s office when no one was around, jerked off into her coffee and rubbed his penis on her phone. That is the very opposite of Maxwell House’s slogan, good til the last drop. We know that Mr. Whaley, a technician, was doing these revolting acts because police discovered 25 videos on his phone and computer during the investigation. Smart move recording your own evidence to indict yourself scumbag.

“It is disgusting and extremely disturbing. I feel violated,” said his coworker who didn’t see this coming. Maybe she asked for a frappé and he thought she said “fappé.”

The 41-year-old creep was charged and pleaded guilty to mischief to property, four counts of voyeurism and one count of illegally entering a dwelling to commit an offense. For manblasting cock cream into his coworker’s coffee he got off pretty easy. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison, with six months credit for pre-sentence custody. He was also banned from using a camera, video recorder or a smartphone or computer equipped with a camera for 10 years.

Initially, this pervert was charged with administering a noxious substance with the intent to annoy or aggrieve, but that charge was dropped or withdrawn. Experts say it is unclear whether trouser gravy could be considered a noxious substance by the court. There is no credence to the rumors that it was hazelnut coffee.

The anonymous victims suggests that Whaley’s deplorable actions were much more severe than the slap of the wrist that he received.

“This does not describe the gravity of the crime that was committed against me,” she said. The victim makes parallels to his creaming of her coffee to forcing oral sex upon her.

“I am a victim of sexual assault,” she told the court. “We need to make the charge and punishment fit the crime.”

But the ejaculatte incident is not the first time that Whaley was a gross deviant. He had a previous conviction in 2011, where a Walmart security guard caught him taking up-skirt photos of a 16-year-old girl. He was caught by the same security guard in 2013, two months after his probation ended, taking photos of a woman’s “buttocks area.”

Whaley also videotaped unsuspecting victims in the shower and sneaked into a home and videotaped himself “masturbating and ejaculating” into the victim’s underwear. Allegedly he bragged to his probation officer and a psychiatrist that he snapped about 14,000 spy-cam-type photos between 2005 and 2014.

Yet despite all of these instances of immoral perversion, he only got 18 months. Sickening.


Office Sneezing Prank

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