Think You’re Having A Bad Day At Work? This ATM Worker Accidentally Left Behind $150,000 That Then Got Stolen

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Man, what’s the worst fuck up you’ve ever had at work? An accidental reply all that made you look foolish? A deadline you forgot? The time you told your boss you were sick then she saw you out drinking at a bar where she had a lunch meeting?

Well, relax, because all those are nothing compared to this dude from New Jersey. He was refilling ATMs with cash, but after one stop, left his sack full o’ money on the ground by the car.

Then he drove off.

In the bag was $150,000. The AP has the story:

Police say that the cash dispenser employees had stopped at a business in New Jersey state when one of them placed the satchel on the front lawn as he moved items around in their vehicle.

They drove off, forgetting the bag.

Sometime later on Monday, surveillance video shows a passenger in a white van grabbing the bag.

Police don’t believe the man is working with the person who grabbed the cash. The van, they say, happened to be driving around picking up discarded tires, and spotted the unattended bag.

Damn. That sucks so, so much. You can watch video of it here.

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