Man Gets DUI in Joker Facepaint, Mugshot Says It All

At least mine wasn't laughed about by tens of thousands of people sharing my mug shot on the internet. But that won't stop me from doing it here, because if I was dressed up as a character from The Dark Knight, I would find the mockery deserved. 

Jeffrey LaLime of Pittsfield, Maine was wearing the above makeup this weekend, when he got behind the wheel of his car after drinking at what I can only assume was a cosplay orgy. Then he drove off the road. From the Morning Sentinel

Lalime suffered no injuries, but his car was damaged as it struck multiple trees and a rock before it came to rest.

In the mugshot picture police took of Lalime a short while later, he is wearing white facepaint with large black circles around his eyes, and his hair is dyed green, all trademark features of The Joker, the archrival of comic book superhero Batman.

After his arrest, a cell phone bomb exploded in a nearby inmate's stomach, although authorities have deemed that a coincidence. 

[H/T FilmDrunk