Man Gives Cop The Most A+++ Reason For Why He Was Caught Speeding

Getting pulled over for speeding sucks. It’s happened to me twice. Once, the cop let me go because I was genuinely remorseful and I wasn’t driving at a speed that seemed like I was trying to break the sound barrier. The other time, when I was 17, I wasn’t so lucky. The cop didn’t think my “I was going with the flow of traffic, officer” excuse was valid. It probably would have worked better if there was even one other car on the road and I wasn’t going 100mph. Ah well.

In all my years, however, I haven’t seen an attempt at getting out of a speeding ticket quite as good as this guy.  I might even try it the next time I get stopped. That, or I’ll tell the cop I have extreme testicular pain, likely from torsion and I am going to a hospital. I’d then have to put on the acting display of my lifetime and go to a hospital, but it would be hard for him to give a ticket to a guy with severe testicular pain. Could work?

Anyway, here is what this guy said…

“The wind was pushing me.” I hope his next sentence was, “PROVE IT WASN’T, PIG!”