Man Guilty of Sex Crime Forced to Face Accuser at Sentencing (His Accuser is a Goat)

If someone says you are a guilty of a crime, you deserve to hear their reason for accusing you in a court of law.

Kenya is not the U.S., but its legal system has some similarities, in that, if you plead guilty to having sex with a goat, they will bring that goat into court to look at you while you get sentenced. Anyone need a little back story?

According to Jimmy Kimaru, chief prosecutor, [Katana Kitsao] Gona was caught sexually assaulting the goat in a bush  in Dabaso, Kilifi county, on November 25. The goat had been tied to graze by its owner, Sarah Kadenge, for the afternoon. But when a passer-by went to relieve himself in the bush he was shocked to discover Gona having sex with the animal.

But how do you prove that a sex crime was committed? If you guessed goat rape kit, you are fucking right. 

Following a medical examination carried out by Munga Gambo, a veterinary officer from Malindi, it was confirmed that the goat had been sexually abused. 

“Hey, there there. There there, goat. This won't hurt a bit,” is what I imagine Munga Gambo saying to the she-goat as he swabbed her vagina in search of human semen. (Which then they had to test to prove it wasn't goat semen?)

And when Gona pled guilty, authorities brought the goat to sentencing. That's just hilarious. (Although probably emotionally difficult for the goat and we shouldn't be making light of her ordeal. Apologies.)

[Via Daily Mail]