Man Gets Smashed By Out Of Control Double Decker Bus And Then Casually Walks Into Bar

by 9 months ago

Usually, you feel like you’ve been hit by a bus AFTER you’ve had too many drinks at the bar, but this gentleman was literally hit by a bus before he got to the pub. CCTV footage caught the crazy moment when a man was hit by a runaway bus in England on Saturday and he not only lived to tell about it, but he walked into a bar immediately following getting plowed.

We take you to Reading, Berkshire where Simon Smith was walking down the street when BAMMMMMMMMMMM!!! He was smashed from behind by a double-decker bus. The 53-year-old man was smooshed on the windshield like a bug and then thrown down the street. Despite being just obliterated by an out of control bus, Simon dusts himself off and casually walks into a pub.

“I think he [Simon] pretty much got up, brushed himself down and then an ambulance came and took him to be checked,” said Daniel Fraifeld, the co-owner of the Purple Turtle bar. “He got looked over and didn’t have any lasting injuries – but he’s covered in scrapes and bruises.”

It was early in the morning so Simon wasn’t actually able to get a pint, but he did grab a beer once he got out of the hospital. “He then got released from the hospital and I think he just went for a pint to relax.”

This godforsaken song goes out to the unlucky fuck who was obliterated by a bus but got back up again.


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