Man Gets Jail Time For Convincing Tattoo Artist To Ink a 15″ Penis On His Buddy

Tattoo Artist

What a dick.

A man has been jailed after he encouraged a ‘backyard tattooist’ to draw a 40cm penis on another man’s back without the recipient knowing. Christopher William Lord, 23, from Queensland in Australia, was, on Friday, given 12 months in prison, just over three years after the incident happened. He had persuaded the victim to get a tattoo – which he agreed to, eventually choosing a yin and yang design with a dragon and a tiger.

I don’t care the context, the term “backyard tattooist” is never a positive. Even if the sentence read “I was going to pursue a career as a backyard tattooist but I eventually sobered up” there is still a negative aura around the idea.

So instead of a ying and a yang the victim got just a wang. For those unable to convert centimeters into inches, the poor dude got a 15 inch dick tatted on his back.

Right about here I should mention the kid getting the tattoo is permanently disabled. Not from the ink, that happened before things got all cocked up.

Lord reassured the victim that it looked “mad” lying that the yin and yang symbol had been finished. Matthew Francis Brady, the “backyard tattooist”, is already serving time for the crime.

The tattoo has since been covered up.

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