Watch A Man Lift And Swing Three Crates Of Beer WITH HIS BALLS And Goddamn That Looks Painful

man lifts crates beer with balls


I don’t know how one comes to discover that you have a talent for lifting things with your nutsack and frankly I don’t really want to know.

That being said, this man seems pretty proud of his “skill.”

Watch as he straps himself in, girds himself for what appears to be about the most horrifying thing ever, then lifts the crates and then SWINGS them to much applause from the crowd.

Actually, after I wrote that I have an even better question now. Who attends an event where a man lifts things with his balls and then cheers when he does it? I’d be passed out on the floor if someone did this in front of me. Watching the video alone is hard enough.

Man cringing image by Shutterstock