Dick Bro Locks Up Most Unchill Move Of The Year Award In May By Proposing At Someone Else’s Wedding

There are a lot of not Bro things a man can do. He can snitch on a buddy who’s moving mad quantities of kush. He can steal that buddy’s kush and move it to a rival dealer, fucking over his buddy in the process. He can bang that buddy’s sister while his buddy is out trying to finder a buyer for all the kush he’s got. He can pick up an eighth from that buddy and not pay him for it, because he thinks it’s okay to not pay because his buddy’s got so much kush.

Like I said. There are so many ways a guy can be a dick.

But none of them are worse than proposing at someone else’s wedding, and I would include murdering your buddy to steal his kush in that statement. Proposing at someone else’s wedding is worse than drug deal-related murders.

But that’s what this dude did, according to Reddit. And we’ve crowned this the “Most Unchill Move Of The Year.”

(Or, at least, I have. Everyone else is gone for the day.)

A wedding is for one thing. To celebrate the love of two people. And only those two people. Nothing you do at one should ever detract from that in any way. You don’t become a drunken bumbling mess, you don’t hit on the bride’s mother (that happened at a wedding I was at last summer), and you don’t fucking make someone’s big day all about you by proposing during a wedding reception.

But this dude did.

Damn. How do people not know that’s wrong?

Look at the grimace in the bride’s face. Look at that. How can you not feel for her? He is proposing in front of her damn table, stealing her spotlight and congratulations.

Lord. It’s amazing the lack of chill in the world sometimes. If I could implore you readers of mine to remember one thing, it is this: never, ever, no matter what, vape.

I mean propose at someone else’s wedding. But also don’t vape.

[H/T The Daily Dot]