Man Punches Screaming Woman In Face During All-Out Road Rage Brawl That Completely Stops Traffic

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that everyone in this video got what they deserved. Don’t know what that lady said to get a drink thrown at her but I’m going to assume she deserved it, because look at these people – none of them look innocent. They all look like the sort of assholes who would stop traffic and get out of their cars to fight each other over absolutely nothing. In this case we don’t know what that “nothing” is, but most likely it was something mundane and stupid, like a mild fender bender.

Also, LOL at every dude in the white car getting up to pound this guy’s ass, then turning onto the woman after they’d finished. “Looks like I’m all hyped up, can’t stop fighting WON’T STOP FIGHTING GOTTA PUNCH STUFF” is the only logic I see here, and I’m happy to admit that I endorse it fully…just not when it’s aimed at me. Punch each other and leave me outta this trashy shit, I got places to go and things to eat.

[H/T Mirror]