Man Is Pushing A Giant Ball Across The Country So You’ll Look At Yours


Your balls that is, and check them for lumps and/or hard spots, the beginning signs of testicular cancer.

Because Thomas Cantley was diagnosed with it back in 2009, and wants others to detect symptoms early.

So, to raise awareness, Cantley got himself a beige-colored ball that’s 6-feet tall and is rolling it across the country.

At 31, he wants to be a younger voice for what he feels is an audience who needs to know this stuff, but doesn’t care about old dudes with saggy sacs.

There’s not very many young men advocates, that are coming in with a little bit of an edge. A lot of them are older. I kinda wanted to hit the demographic. I’ve been doing it for a couple years, but I realized I needed to get out there more.

After all, early detection is key to treatment.



Cantley began in Santa Monica on September 3rd. He is currently rolling his way up to San Francisco. Eventually, he’ll wind up in New York.

Follow his progess at

[H/T Elite Daily]