Soldier Returns from Afghanistan to Find His Wife Dropped 100 Pounds; Soldier Is Very Happy

Army wife of the year? Army wife of the year.

Misty and Larry Schaffer got married in 2008 and Misty began struggling with her weight, ballooning up to 300, and turning to food as a crutch: as she told CNN, “I would eat when I was bored, I’d eat three huge meals a day, and then snack in between. Sad or happy, I’d turn to food for everything.”

When Larry, an army specialist, was deployed to Afghanistan in 2012, Misty set out on a year-long mission to surprise the shit out of him upon his return. She cut out the fast food and began practicing portion control, dropping from a size 24 to a six 6. I presume she also canceled all Skype calls for a year straight.

Larry returned to the United States in May of 2013, and at the airport he was greeted by his brand-new wife,and his three-year-old daughter, who he hadn’t seen in a year. He was appropriately stunned.

He also got a house. Did I mention the house? Misty bought a house, because Misty is a fine lady.

[H/T: Buzzfeed]