Idiot Runs Through Wal-Mart Naked Pouring Milk On Himself, And Police Would Really Like A Word With Him

Apparently, this is how the thrill seeking youth of Kentucky spend their days. Just running through a Wal-Marts naked (except for a creeeepy mask and shoes), dousing themselves in milk, and yelling they’re “on fire!” You really can’t describe what it means to be a public nuisance in any simpler terms if you tried.

Pike County Sheriff Rodney Scott can’t hit the nail on the head better than he did saying, “Well the first question I would have is why? Why would anyone want to do that?”

I’m asking myself the same exact thing, sir.

Sheriffs have issued warrants for the two geniuses involved in this stunt, as they were smart enough to upload the video to YouTube. In this day and age, you might as well walk into the police station and ask them to cuff you on the spot.

Time to find a better hobby, fellas.

[via Local8Now]