A Man Is Currently Scaling Trump Tower Using Only Suction Cups (Watch Live)

UPDATE: Here’s the moment he was apprehended. Original post is below. Christ this whole thing was pointless.

Today our nation is together, captivated by the journey of Steve, a ginger who is trying to scale Trump Tower using suction cups.

His journey began around four p.m., when he went out on a fifth-floor terrace and began climbing the facade of the building.

Police knocked out a window earlier, but he deftly maneuvered away from them and continued moving up.

He is currently on the 16th floor.

UPDATE: As you can see, police are removing glass around him to try and block his path.

UPDATE 2: People are saying this video, uploaded yesterday, is the climber’s manifesto. Oddly, it is in support of Mr. Trump.

We will continue to update this post.

UPDATE: Here’s the moment they grabbed him!