Montana Man Shoots A Bartender And His Dog For Improperly Making Him A Beer And Tomato Juice


Bud Light

I highly doubt the residents of Hamilton, Montana have ever referred to the combination of beer and tomato juice and a little bit of hot sauce as a Michelada. No, out in the country it’s a bloody beer, or a red beer. But it matters not, for it is delicious.

It is a very refreshing summer drink, regardless of whether it is made with beer and tomato juice, beer and Clamato juice or even just beer and Worcestershire and a couple of dashes of hot sauce.

All great for a hot day.

But god damn I don’t hope Monte Leon Hanson finds out about my lax standards for defining a bloody beer, because it’s shit like that that makes him hot enough to shoot a man and his dog. From the Ravalli Republic:

According to the affidavit, the trouble began at about 10 p.m. Friday when Hanson went the Rainbow Bar, where Joe Lewis was bartending.

The two men were neighbors in an apartment building at 177 S. Second St.

Hanson ordered a “red beer.” Lewis served him the drink, but made it with Clamato juice rather than tomato juice.

The affidavit said Hanson became angry because he said it was against his religion, Judaism, to drink Clamato juice.

Which, far enough. I can understand that. It’s what’s next that’s crazy.

Hanson left the bar and went back to the apartment building. At about 10 p.m., he told a neighbor, Lance Hoth, about the incident and allegedly claimed he was going to retaliate and kill Lewis over the incident, the affidavit said.

That is excessive!

Hanson was arrested in the early morning hours Saturday, after a couple of Ravalli County sheriff’s deputies heard the sound of gunshots coming from the downtown area and hurried to the scene.

The deputies, Jon Moles and Jered Guisinger, found Hanson walking eastbound on State Street.

A charging affidavit said when Guisinger asked Hanson if he had heard gunshots, Hanson raised his hands in the air and asked for his attorney. A handgun with five spent casings was found in Hanson’s right front pants pocket.

Well, at least that’s kind of smart. The bartender will make a full recovery. The dog passed away from a gunshot to the head.

Frontier life, man.

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