Man Fractures Shoulder and Sues Gym After Slipping on Bodily Fluids

Mark Moskowitz, a man from NYC's upper-east side is suing Bally Total Fitness for damages after he slipped and fell on a “foreign white substance” at one of their locations last year; the fall fractured a portion of his shoulder which he then needed surgically repaired. The gym was apparently a hotspot for “cruising” (the act of searching for homosexual partners in public places) and other sexual acts with the Cruising Gays City Hookup Guide website saying, “There are 2 LIGHTS in the Steam Sauna. The rear light is out 1/2 the time. When it is OFF the party is ON.”

The gym vehemently denys any such reputation, although Moskowitz's lawyer stated Bally's used to have a trained team to deal with the excess sperm in the past, but now they just leave a hose and liquid soap for people to clean up after themselves: “They used to have somebody at the gym who monitored this kind of activity and stopped it from happening,” the lawyer told the News. “A few years ago, they stopped doing this.”

I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is probably the worst way to ever be rewarded for your time at the gym in the history of exercise. It's hard enough getting to the gym on some days, and to finally get to the end of a workout, sit in the sauna and break a shoulder slipping on sperm left by other members might be enough for me to throw in the towel.

[H/T: NYDailyNews]