Man Struggles To Walk After His Balls Swell To The Size Of A Watermelon From Dreadful Disease

Imagine one day you wake up and your precious nutsacks have swollen to the point that they are now basically watermelonsacks. That is pretty much what happened to this severely cursed soul.

At only 25-years-old, Tyrone Bowd has been diagnosed with scrotal lymphedema. The U.S. National Library of Medicine defines the condition as such:

Scrotal elephantiasis, or massive scrotal lymphedema, is a disease that is caused by obstruction, aplasia, or hypoplasia of the lymphatic vessels draining the scrotum. The scrotal skin is thickened and may exhibit ulcerations in severe cases. It can be either congenital or acquired in nature, with the most common acquired etiology being infection. The most common infections leading to scrotal elephantiasis are lymphogranuloma venereum or filarial infestation with Wuchereria bancrofti.

Even in fancy doctor-speak it sounds horrific. This is the same condition that made life a living hell for Wesley Warren, the man with the 132-pound testicles.

Tyrone was diagnosed at a young age with developmental delay and autism, and still needs a lot of day-to-day help to begin with and this ailment did not help. The condition was first discovered by Tyrone’s mother, Tanya Bowd. Two years ago, Tanya came to assist her son when he yelled for help when he was in the shower. That’s when the mother of four noticed the bizarre growth on her son’s naughty bits.

“I caught a glimpse of his scrotum and said, ‘Forget about the shower, what has happened to you? There’s something wrong.'”

Over the past two years Tyrone’s scrotum has swelled from the size of a mango to the size of a watermelon. Just lost my appetite for my breakfast of fruit salad. His bollocks now weigh a hefty 12-pounds! “His pants were no longer fitting, we went from one size to the next to the next – we had to look for bigger shorts and bigger trousers,” Tanya said.

Even a simple task such as walking is a difficult proposition for Tyrone, and he has to walk with his legs apart to accommodate his colossal cojones.

“The scrotum has reached below his knees now. It bangs around on the back of his calves when he’s trying to walk.”

Fuck. His genitalia has turned into a tetherball game.

Tyrone, who is from Willowbank, Australia, has baffled local doctors with his expanding family jewels. Now Tanya is raising money to get Tyrone medical treatment from a Dr. Joel Gelman, a specialist in California.

Dr, Gelman explains Tyrone’s crippling condition:

“Scrotal lymphedema is a condition that develops gradually, the tissues under the skin outside the testicle grow and that causes significant enlargement of the skin and the penis to be buried so it can’t be seen.

When a man develops scrotal lymphedema as the mass enlarges the patient becomes progressively incapacitated. Over time patients can lose the ability to walk normally and that affects them physically and can affect them emotionally as well.”

In order to get Tyrone to the United States and receive the medical procedure to remove the huge growth, the family needs to raise $100,000. A Facebook page titled “The Road Ahead For Tyrone” has been setup to collect donations for Tyrone. So far $48,606 of the $100,000 has be raised.

You can learn more about Tyrone’s sorrowful story on TLC’s Body Bizarre show. Tyrone’s episode airs Thursday September 17, at 9pm.

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