Man Tattoos His Name Over Girlfriend’s Face, but Don’t Worry, She’s Totally Cool with It

From the Daily Mail:

A tattooist has inked his name across his girlfriend's face less than 24 hours after they first met.

Lesya Toumaniantz from Saransk, Russia, allowed Rouslan Toumaniantz to sign 'Ruslan' over her face in giant Gothic script on the day they met.

'It's a symbol of our eternal devotion. I'd like him to tattoo every inch of my body,” she said.

The tattoo-mad former art student whose sister is also a tattoo artist added that above her eyebrow he had written All For Love.

'All for Ruslan,' she posted on her Facebook today next to a big pink heart.


I found Toumaniantz's Facebook page. It looks like she and Rouslan were engaged back on January 24, and, shortly after the engagement she expressed her desire to have “100% of her body covered in tattoo.” From the amount of photos she's uploaded that show off the tat (not to mention the dozens of likes each picture has received), I'd be willing to bet that she's serious. Whew.

You know, there is a way for the Toumaniantz pair to come to your benefit. Have a girlfriend or older sister who's maybe nearing that spinster territory? Want to be a dick and screw with them? Show this picture…

… Then say something like, “Hey, these people found love. How's your search going?” Then run away cackling.