Man In A Tuxedo Fires Shots At Couple Who Interrupted His Illegal Sex Session

I’ve heard of cockblocking before, but, yeah, I’m not going to go there. Here’s the story…

A Seattle man is accused of shooting his gun at two people who interrupted him with their arguing while he was receiving oral sex in an alley. For some reason he is now facing felony charges.

The woman in question fled the scene when the couple’s arguing startled her, leaving Mr. Hunter to pull up his tuxedo pants (it was a formal occasion apparently), before getting off a couple rounds because he was pissed at the pair for being so darn noisy in their squabble. He was reportedly angry for paying and not getting his money’s worth out of the deal.

“You’re dead mother (expletive). You’re dead,” the man, Paul Hunter, reportedly said to the couple after they interrupted his, umm, session, according to the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Two problems here: (1) shooting a gun at people is kind of frowned upon, and (2) the women “helping him out” was of the professional variety.

Shockingly, the police report said that Hunter was “highly intoxicated.”

Dark alley image by Shutterstock