Man Faces Two Years In Jail For Sex In Library

Meet 29-year-old Daniel Goralski, he’s a dude just like you and me, enjoys reading a good book as well as getting his groove and his swerve on with his lover. However on March 2nd, his love for books and banging caused him to get in a wee-bit of trouble.

The Wisconsin man and Julie Dahms, his his 19-year-old fiance, were having themselves a grand time inside the bathroom of Waukesha Public Library. Suddenly, a person walked in on them “naked head to toe and having sex sitting on a toilet,” which may not be the cleanliest, but you don’t have too many options in a space-constricted bathroom stall. Authorities came to the sticky situation and Julie was hit with a citation. Dan the man seems to have a checkered past with a history of offenses including convicted of violating a domestic abuse injunction and having sex with a child 16 or older. So now Dan is facing two years in prison for the incident because of his litany of offense.

Jeez judge, have some compassion, don’t throw the book at him.


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