5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Man with the World’s Biggest Penis

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He can't use urinals:

When you're at a urinal, do the guys next to you gawk?

I don't use urinals; I use a stall. I don't want to put on a show like that. It's easier for me to sit down.


His balls are “proportionately as big”:

Speaking of which, are your balls normal?

They're massive. They're proportionately as big. When I [hit puberty], they were already the size of Grade-A eggs.


Shoe-size doesn't matter:

Here's another myth: shoe size. Are your feet bigger than Shaq's?

I wear 10.5 shoes.


It causes sexual partners jaws to drop:

When you're with sexual partners, do jaws drop? Is it too much for them?

Yeah, basically, even if they already know the size. I do my best to make them not nervous–a lot of making out, kissing, foreplay usually relaxes them. I'm slow and gradual. … When girls are really excited, they could take a fire hydrant.



Are you looking for a significant other, or happy being single?

I guess I'm looking for someone, but it's not like I'm desperate for someone.

If only you could find the woman with the world's deepest vagina…

I don't need depth. I need someone who's really good at oral.

So they'd have to be ridiculously deep-throated?

I don't have to go all the way down their throat. Nobody's ever completely deep-throated me anyway. … I sucked myself until I was 18 years old. I can't do it anymore–I get upper neck problems.


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