Maniac Street Races His 350Z Through Crazy Traffic And My Palms Are Sweating

This ridiculously insane street racing video is straight bonkers. He throws caution to the wind and gives zero fucks as the driver flies through traffic, which at times is pretty congested.

What a fucking nutjob! All it took was one grandma in a 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass to change lanes without seeing this 350Z hurtling up the freeway at 110 mph and this lunatic would have been pavement pizza as well as multiple other cars. Totally irresponsible on all accounts with no regard towards other people’s lives. Take it to the track fuckwad.

I dearly wanted more details on this video and I looked to the YouTube description in which is said the following:

#ReceitasdeEscargot …não existe transito pra quem tem o dom!
Ps: Se for roubar o vídeo, favor postar o link do canal.

Google Translate determined that is was Portuguese and in English is states:

#RecipesOfSnail … There is no traffic for those who have the gift !
Ps : If you steal the video, please post a link to the channel.

Ummm. So I watched the entire video, not one fucking recipe for delicious escargot. Bummer.

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