Map Of How-To Questions Each State Googles Most Including Queries About Ninjas, Weed, Illuminati And ISIS

What do you do when you have a question? Google it! But it turns out that a fuck of a lot of you have weird-ass questions.

Estately set out to find out what questions each state asks more than others. Analyzing Google Autocomplete and Google Trends over the last five years, they found the how-to questions that are asked more frequently in all 50 states. And some are bizarre.

Some are normal like North Dakota asking, “How to get a passport?”

But others are bizarre like Texas which asks, “How to sell your soul?”

Least appreciative was Florida residents asking, “How to get out of Florida?”

Alabama asked, “How to make love?” That’s an easy one. First, wait for your parents to leave. Then offer your sister some moonshine. I kid! I kid! Sorta.

California’s question is so self-aware, “How to spot a narcissist?”

Colorado celebrates legalization by asking, “How to grow marijuana.”

The Du Ponts have had quite an impression on the state of Delaware, “How to get away with murder?”

New Jersey says #ImWithHer by asking, “How to stop Trump?”

Indiana shows their intelligence and internet savvy with the query, “How to Google something?”

Poor Arizonians are really overrating themselves by asking, “How to join the Illuminati?”

Most badass is Hawaii, “How to be a ninja?”

You can see the complete list over at Estately.