New Dating Website ‘MapleMatch’ Will Pair Americans With Canadians In The Event Of A Trump Presidency

A bunch of bleeding-heart Liberals are ready to trade in their camel toes for moose knuckles in the event of a Donald J. Trump presidency, turn their backs on Uncle Sam, and move to the Great White North. One Texas-based entrepreneur is already trying to cash in on the Liberal fear of Trump by launching a dating site that will pair Americans fleeing a Trump Presidency to Canada with like-minded Canadians.

‘Maple Match’ carries the tagline ‘Make Dating Great Again’, a cheap derivative of Donald Trump‘s ‘Make America Great Again’ campaign slogan:



As of the end of last month Maple Match has already signed up 4,150 people. Since then the site’s gone on to get A TON of coverage, and methinks that number’s closer to 25k by now. Interestingly, according to the website the people signing up for Maple Match are overwhelmingly Canadian, with over 70% of people signing up hailing from the Great White North. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that Canadians are thirsty to date Americans, after all it’s our famous American bravado that’s made Donald Trump so successful in this year’s election.

If this is what the talent is looking like in Canada these days methinks you’ll have to weigh your options carefully:


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For more information on Maple Match you can follow the link above or check them on out on Twitter!