Marco Rubio Nails Kid In Face With Football, Probably Didn’t Earn Many Supporters

by 4 years ago


In the race to The White House, every little public appearance is documented and skewed in a positive or negative way. I mean, come on, I’ve watched the first three seasons of House of Cards, I know that shit is never forgotten to climb the ladder.

Knowing that little rule of politics, it might not have been the best thing for Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio to have done what he did during his campaign visit in Iowa yesterday.

Showing that he’s just a regular guy who happens to have a shot at being the next President of the United States, Rubio figured he would toss a little pigskin with the good folks at the state fair.

Fair enough, right? Well… seeing as how one of Rubio’s receiver’s was a little kid who ended up getting decked in the face by one of the junior state senator’s passes, it could have gone a little bit better for him.


Luckily, Bloomberg’s Chris Moody caught the spiral to the dome and posted it on Twitter, reassuring us that the little dude was just fine.

As for Rubio’s popularity in the state of Iowa? We’ll just have to see what the ballots say come November.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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